Training Your Pet Parrot

Parrots are considered as unique birds that can adapt to the trainings effectively and also have the potential to copy your words exactly the same. If you have brought home a parrot and want to tame it as a pet, you need to assure that you are rendering with the correct training techniques.

While training a parrot, you need to make sure that the bird is feeling safe and comfortable similar to a human baby. When the environment or the ambience of the training is proper, it can be meted out more effectively. Make sure that the parrot is not agitated and always wait for the calmer moments.


It is recommended that the training session is not too long. Make sure that you carry out not more than two to three sessions maximum of ten minutes. This helps the bird to retain the attention and the focus. Moreover, the sessions must be carried out at the same time.

You have to understand that every parrot is different and doesn’t possess the same attributes and behavior. There are some that can pick up your words easily and learn to talk quickly while the others cannot. Hence, according to their capabilities you need to start their training properly.

Training sessions with parrots are a lot of fun. You can make use of props in order to train your bird. Infact, if you want your parrot to pick up certain words faster, you need to make sure that you are repeating them often during the day and night. The bird can thereby pick it early and repeat it every time you say it.

As a parrot owner giving training you should also keep in your mind that even the parrot urge for rewards either in the form of food or a gesture of love and affection and appreciating the good training session. You have to keep in mind that parrots are no different from human babies.