Can Pets be the Reason for Your Warts?

The papillomavirus virus affects pets the same way it affects human beings and is contagious. If your pet has been infected with this virus, do not try to debug or debride it yourself. Always take your pet to a vet and get them disinfected. These cauliflowers like DNA viruses can show up on any area of the body. If your pet’s immune system is compromised, they can catch this virus easily and pass it on to you. This is one of the reasons why you must get your pet disinfected from a licensed pet regularly. The papilloma viruses are especially, more contagious between dogs. If you have a lot of pets at home, you need to give it some time to get them disinfected.

Virus in the air

warts from pets

If your pet is infected, it could spread the same infection to you through the viral organisms present in the air. For a dog, it takes between 1 to 8 weeks for this infection to take its affect from the stage of its incubation. Vaccines for pets infected with this virus are yet to be developed. Also, use of corticosteroids to cure this condition can weaken the immune system. The only preventive method is to keep the environment and your pets clean. Always wash your hands when you handle your pet. Young puppies or yearlings are more susceptible to catching this virus as their immune system is yet to be developed. Mature animals have shown more resistance towards fighting this virus.

The suspicious lump

warts in pets

Not all lumps are warts. If you find something suspicious on your pet’s skin, take them to a veterinarian immediately for a treatment. If a wart is detected and needs a surgical remedy, do it right away before it spreads to the other parts of the pet’s body and also infects you. Though a few might assume that only a certain breeds of cats and dogs could catch this virus, this is purely a myth. HPV is caused only due to a weak immune system in pets or human beings. Therefore, keep your pets clean and healthy. Give them a clean environment to stay and healthy food that makes their immune system stronger. Whenever, you see these tumors on the skin of your pet, never assume that they could be harmless. Get them biopsied or removed if that is the only remedy.