Can Cats Cause Health Problems?

Do you own a cat? There is no doubt that you love your cat and take every possible means to keep the pet protected and safe by taking the cat to the veterinary on regular intervals. Have you ever thought that your cat can endanger your life and other members of your family?

Is your cat dangerous for your health?

According to the recent studies and research work backed by scientific claims it has been revealed that bites from cat might not be very deep but is capable of causing other complications. Some of the most common issues include decline or loss of joint mobility, abscesses, nerve related problems etc.

Child is kissing a cat
Child is kissing a cat

Get medical aid the earliest

It is the presence of Pateurella Multocida, which is a bacterium found in the mouths of the healthy cats and the most common cause of infection when it bites you. Antibiotics like Amoxicillin are usually used for treating the infection caused by cat bite.

Your hands are mostly vulnerable to cat bites

Our hands are more vulnerable to cat bites and infections. Some of the symptoms of the infection include:

  • Swelling
  • Redness on the affected area
  • Trouble in moving the hand
  • Pain

You can suffer from mental disorder

It might sound surprising that studies have reported that the cats feature the parasite, Toxoplasma Gondi is responsible for developing mental illness and diseases among human beings. Schizophrenia is the most common form of mental disorder and it is the presence of the parasite that doubles the chance of developing the disorder.

Look out for the signs

Furthermore, it has been studied by the experts that cats are carriers of the parasite, Bartonella Henselae that cause cat scratch fever among humans and also cause swollen lymph nodes and also trigger other deadly diseases. People undergoing chemotherapy must get immediate treatment and medical attention if bitten by a cat. Headache, blisters, bumps etc are some of the common signs of the disease.