Benefits Of Pets For Mental Health

The continuous barking of my pet dog when my car stops by the gate makes me so happy. It boosts up my mood instantly. The feeling that someone is waiting for me back home to greet me, listen to my daily jabbers and office gossip or play with me for sometime keeps me in a lively spirit. Staying far away from my family, my husky gave me a new life. Now I have a friend, a Family!

pets affect health

Pet lovers are always beneficial. Pets help to keep you healthy. When you take your pet for a walk, you get to indulge in outside activities. This boosts positive energy, exercises the body and mind daily and promotes an active lifestyle. It lowers blood pressure, increases feel-good chemicals freely in the body and reduces stress hormones.

People having pets are always engaged- about food of the pet, the food timings and their time of vaccination to keep them in good health. You always want to take good care of it, hence giving you a purpose in life. Pet therapy reduces stress and distress, keeps one happy and keeps one from pondering issues which creates anxiety and trauma. Playing with your pets can keep your mind fresh and cheerful. Their love and attention have no criteria. Pets do not only help in having a better mental health but a better physical health as well. A study has shown that people who go out on walks regularly – are physically fitter.

Pets are great listeners. One can share anything about their day, life, dreams etc, and lament about an issue; share something deep which they cannot share with someone else or an utter truth. They are more faithful and committed compared to a person. They erase the feeling of loneliness; can be great friends and provide much love and companionship during miserable and happy times. One can socialize and make friends while taking their pets for a walk. In a way, pets act as catalysts in socializing.

Your pet’s playful gestures and positive responses can put a smile in your face. Pets are not judgmental in what you do or how you are. So, get a pet today and get yourself a great friend, a healer or someone to keep your life blissful and enjoyable.